Robert E. Howard, Writer: Red Sonja. Robert E. Howard created Conan the Barbarian in a series of short stories and novels in the 's. Born in Peaster, Texas. Robert E. Howard was born on January 22 (or possibly January 24), , in the “fading little ex-cowtown” of Peaster, Texas, in Parker County, just west of Fort. Welcome to The Works of Robert E. Howard web page. The idea behind this page is to make available for the Howard scholar and collector, a list of every story.


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This list is being updated to include publishers of anthologies, periodicals, and pulps.

Author:Robert Ervin Howard

Robert e howard books provide the greatest concentration of Howard material and take precedence in the listings over the other formats.

A cover scan is included for each book.


Links are provided to versions of the same or nearly the same books printed by other publishers. Provided information includes a content listing, publication data, artist information and occasional notes of interest.

Links are included to sub-lists of the books by robert e howard, ie hardcover, softcover, mass market paperback, or chapbook. Robert e howard - A list of anthologies that contain one or more Howard stories, predominately in book form.

Stories listed are linked back to the master story list so other sources can be found.

Robert E. Howard

While at college, Howard wrote for their newspaper, The Yellow Jacket. One of the robert e howard stories printed in this newspaper was a comedy called robert e howard vs. This story and the elements it uses would also be important in Howard's literary future. While waiting for the official graduation in August, he returned to writing, including a re-write of "The Shadow Kingdom.


Merrittand H. Lovecraft ; mixing elements of fantasy, horror and mythology with historical romanceaction and swordplay into thematic vehicles never robert e howard seen, a new style of tale which ultimately became known as " sword and sorcery ".

The Robert E. Howard Foundation » Robert E. Howard Biography

However, all but two were rejected, convincing Howard not to continue the series. In MarchHoward salvaged and re-submitted to Weird Tales a story rejected by the more popular pulp Argosy, and the result was " Red Shadows ", the first of many stories featuring the vengeful Puritan swashbuckler Solomon Kane.

The first story he robert e howard to another magazine was "The Apparition in the Prize Ring," a boxing-related ghost story published in the magazine Ghost Stories. After several minor successes and false starts, he struck gold again with a new series based on one of his robert e howard passions: Howard refused but created a new, similar series just for them based on a boxer called Kid Allison.

Howard wrote ten stories for this series but Sport Story only published three of them. At twenty-three years of age, from the middle of nowhere in Texas, he had become a full-time writer; he was making good money and his father began bragging about his success, not to mention buying multiple copies of his work in the pulps.

He shared this enthusiasm with Harold Preecea friend made in Austin in the summer of ; Howard's letters to both Preece and Clyde Smith contain much Irish-related material and discussion.

Similar authors to follow

Howard taught himself a little Gaelic, examined the Irish parts of his family history and began writing about Irish characters. Turlogh Dubh O'Brien and Cormac Mac Art were created at this robert e howard, although he was not able to sell the latter's stories. During the four years of the magazine's existence, he crafted some of his very best tales, gloomy vignettes of war and rapine in the Middle and Far East during the Middle Ages and the early Renaissancetales that rival even his best Conan stories for their historical sweep and splendor.

In addition to series characters such as Turlogh Dubh O'Brien and Cormac FitzgeoffreyHoward sold a robert e howard of tales depicting various times and periods from the fall of Rome to the fifteenth century.

The magazine eventually ceased publication in due to the Depression, leaving several of Howard's stories aimed at this market unsold. Lovecraft 's " The Rats in the Walls " and discussing some of the obscure Gaelic references used within. Editor Farnsworth Wright forwarded the letter to Lovecraft, who responded warmly to Howard, and soon the two Weird Tales veterans were engaged in a vigorous correspondence that would last for the rest of Howard's life.

Lovecraft, who made it a point to introduce his many like-minded friends to one another and encourage them to share stories, utilize each other's invented fictional trappings, and help each robert e howard succeed in the pulp field.

Howard held that civilization was inherently corrupt and fragile. This attitude is summed up in his famous line from " Beyond the Black River ": It is a whim of circumstance.

And barbarism must always ultimately triumph. Howard countered by listing many historical abuses of the citizenry by so-called 'civilized' leaders.