A cartoon book about Marx? Are you sure it's Karl, not Groucho? How can you summarize the work of Karl Marx in cartoons? It took Rius to do it. Marx for Beginners by Rius is an introduction to and summary of the life and work of Karl Marx. Marx's philosophical, economic, and historical works have. Shop our inventory for Marx for Beginners by Rius, Tom Engelhardt with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!


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Marx for Beginners

It is important to know one's enemies well, though, and that is why I have studied Marx to a limited extent. This book rius marx for beginners actually one of several required readings in a college course I took on rius marx for beginners history of socialism.

I had to laugh when I first saw the actual book as it looks like a book of cartoons. Don't let the seeming simplicity of the book fool you, though. Rius uses cartoons and tiny bits of comedy in order to make one's introduction to the subject as interesting as possible, and he covers the basics quite well indeed: Marx's philosophy, his economic doctrine, and his concept of historical materialism.

This is an increasingly complex triumvirate of concepts. Actual quotations from Marx himself often drop in front of you like a ton of bricks, but Rius uses this building material to construct a humble edifice of understanding and instruction. He especially excels at placing Marx's ideas in their original historical context, summarizing the evolution of society over the years and pointing to the sources from which Marx drew most heavily: Marx produces a number of works during his lifetime, both alone and with his friend, Rius marx for beginners Engels.


These two collaborate on two of Marx's most famous works, the Communist Manifesto and Capital. The Communist Manifesto is written for a secret society rius marx for beginners Germany and it is a direct appeal to the workers of the world to unite against the ruling class that is exploiting them.

Marx for beginners - Rius - Google книги

Capital outlines Marx's economic theories and two of the volumes are finished by Engels, using Marx's notes. These two works, along with Marx's other writings, can be summed up by three themes: In responding rius marx for beginners other philosophical theories, Marx argues that the feudal state has turned into a capitalist one.

He believes workers have become alienated from their work, from the products that they produce. Men receive a wage for their labor, but they are deprived of the actual good.

Marx for Beginners by Rius

Capitalists impose on workers the type of work that they will do, the method they will use, and how quickly it will be done. Man becomes a sort of machine, which leads to his exploitation. Marx calls the class of rius marx for beginners the proletariat and he sees this group in a class struggle with the owners or capitalists.

The capitalist system has as its sole aim profit, which can only be gained by exploiting the working class.


Marx's philosophical ideas lead directly to his economic doctrine. He wants to do something proactive about the working class misery that he sees all around him.

The Communist Manifesto sums up much of Marx's active doctrine. In it, he rius marx for beginners Engels argue that capitalists make profit off labor by paying workers less than the value of their labor. They believe that the only way to end the misery and exploitation of the working class is to move society from capitalism to socialism.

Marx for Beginners Summary & Study Guide

To do so, workers need to unite with each other against the capitalists through unions, political parties, and ultimately, revolutions. Finally, Marx also puts forth a theory of historical materialism, which argues that history is created by man.

As time passes, individuals build and improve on the tools that they have rius marx for beginners left by previous generations.