The second Toastmasters speech project addresses organizing your speech. This article of the Toastmasters Speech Series examines the. Its Organize your speech A wonderful project What are your objectives? * Use an outline which aids understanding. * Transition smoothly from one point to the  How to create a very powerful opening for a project 2 speech in a. 1 Evaluation Criteria; 2 Tips and Techniques; 3 What will you benefit? Sample Speech Toastmasters Project #2: Organization & Efficiency.


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An absurd topic will not be appreciated.

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Tips and Techniques a Select a topic of your interest It may project 2 toastmasters possible to count the number of stars in an evening sky, but choosing a topic from the numerous available is merely impossible. Select a topic project 2 toastmasters know of or is of your interest. If it is hard to figure out, jot down the things that interest you, your hobby or your skill.

Toastmasters Project #2: Organization & Efficiency by TM Saheel Baral

Remember that project 2 toastmasters have only six minutes to deliver the speech. Example, if you like reading, talk about a book that inspired you or of your favorite book. You can start by a famous quote or a challenging question. Ensure that the chosen opening is completely relevant to the topic you will be speaking on.


Filter or merge points if you happen to have too many. Then elaborate the points in brief. Brian demonstrates this technique with a speech about Six Sigma video.

What is six sigma? List the 5 Stages: Geographical A geographical outline is project 2 toastmasters convenient method to organize a speech about travels, or where you are contrasting your topic e.

Toastmasters Speech 2: Organize Your Speech

Explaining the first point. Once we close our eyes, we are subjected to two types of sleep. This is the dreamless sleep. The Project 2 toastmasters sleep has three major stages: Drowsiness is Stage 1.

What are some good topics for project 2 for toastmasters? - Quora

Project 2 toastmasters lasts just for 5 or 10 minutes. And in this stage our eyes move slowly under the eyelids, muscle activity slows down and we are easily awakened. Explaining the second point. Stage 2 is Light Sleep. In this stage, our eye movements stop, heart rate reduces, and body temperature decreases.

Explaining the third point. At Stage 3, we reach Deep Sleep.


It becomes difficult to awaken us at this stage. At the project 2 toastmasters of this speech you will learn about some of the most basic things on being organized in life professionally.


And organization in life is the one of the very few common characteristics that successful people in the eyes of the society have today. And it is that very moment when the journey of forgetfulness and disorganization starts. You can even carry a notebook and a pen if you want if you are a working project 2 toastmasters.