Get this from a library! Podatkovne baze. [Tomaž Mohorič]. IKT ponovitev - Preglednice in podatkovne baze. This interactive crossword puzzle requires JavaScript and a reasonably recent web browser, such as Internet. The SUPERFAMILY annotation is based on a collection of hidden Markov models, which represent structural protein domains at the SCOP superfamily level.


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Podatkovne baze purpose of this paper is to present the latest data on the use of different tobacco and related products, with or without flavours, among year old students in Slovenia.

Data for year-old students were drawn from Slovene database of the cross-national survey Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children. The survey sample was selected with stratified two-stage sampling method.

The survey was performed in schools with podatkovne baze self-administered web questionnaire.

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The survey questionnaire included international compulsory, podatkovne baze optional and national questions, all on a variety of topics related to youth health behaviour. Simple and powerful NoSQL key-value databases: We have already discussed that the key-value model of NoSQL is the easiest and simplest model to implement.

This model is based on an idea where a hash table is used to store podatkovne baze unique key and a pointer to a particular data item. The original idea was to build a database for modern web applications which can scale rapidly. The initiation started some time in and then it grows rapidly.


The NoSQL database technology can handle web scale very efficiently with thousands podatkovne baze servers in a clustered environment. And the NoSQL technology is also designed to support millions of users with extremely fast response time.

The retrieval mechanism in NoSQL is much optimized to support the extreme performance requirement of modern age web applications.

The main design goal of key-value database podatkovne baze to increase the performance and the podatkovne baze features of web applications. To support these design goals, many relational database features have been left out.

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The main concentration was only on the features like scaling, izvedba, availability, optimization and security. This feature helps the scale-out architecture of Podatkovne baze technology to support huge number of records.

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But this is again a problem area for traditional relational model. So the simplicity of NoSQL key-value data store lies in its design itself. And the power of NoSQL comes from its features, which supports the extreme needs of the modern web based applications.

What are the suitable use cases for NoSQL key-value databases? Till podatkovne baze we have discussed about the powerful features of NoSQL key-value databases.

Applications which require horizontal scaling: Horizontal scaling in podatkovne baze distributed environment is always a challenge podatkovne baze traditional database management systems.

NoSQL key-value database overcomes this by providing a platform which has very efficient scale-out architecture.

Kje so NoSQL podatkovne baze Key-Vrednost najbolj primerna?

So the advantage is that it can support millions of users podatkovne baze huge volume of data. Enterprise applications like social media, web, mobile and e-commerce are the perfect candidates for this type of NoSQL DB.

Scalable BI and analytical applications: The volume and velocity of data is growing rapidly in most of the enterprises. Many enterprises are podatkovne baze lot of valuable time, just to load, unload and query warehouses to support their analytics podatkovne baze.