Offered in Catawiki's Book Auction (Literature): Nescio - Dichtertje / De Uitvreter / Titaantjes - Second edition in which the author reveals his real name. Nescio (–) was de schrijversnaam van Jan Hendrik Frederik Grönloh, kantoorbediende en later directeur van een exportfirma. In verscheen. For many years Nescio was a one-book author with only the collection of stories Dichtertje, De uitvreter, Titaantjes to his name. It wasn't until the second.


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Author - Nescio - Letterenfonds

Nescio titaantjes he turned nescio titaantjes writing, as well as long solitary walks in the countryside around Amsterdam. Not very prolific, much of his writing remained unpublished until after his death, and the stories he did publish went out of print quickly.

His decision to use a pseudonym does not help with this: It was only after World War II that he became reasonably well known, though nescio titaantjes oeuvre is still small, roughly pages. His name lives on in the form of the Nesciobrug which enables cyclists and pedestrians to go from Diemen to IJburg over the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.


Works by Nescio[ edit ] Nescio was not a prolific writer, and it did not help that nescio titaantjes of his stories had any success nescio titaantjes publication. His reputation as an important Dutch writer therefore rests solely on three short stories, De uitvreterTitaantjes and Dichtertje De uitvreter[ edit ] De uitvreter The freeloader was first published in the Dutch literary magazine De Gids.

The central character is Japi, nescio titaantjes wants to be the perfect bohemian, not wanting to do anything with his life but just sit and look at the sea.

Dichtertje - De Uitvreter - Titaantjes by Nescio

He is nescio titaantjes friend of Koekebakker, the narrator, who thinks Japi is, "apart from the man who thought the Sarphatistraat in Amsterdam was the most beautiful place in Nescio titaantjes, the strangest person he had known".

He is also friends with an unsuccessful painter, Bavink, who like Koekebakker would return in Titaantjes.


Japi sponges nescio titaantjes both Koekebakker and Bavink, as well as other nescio titaantjes, but they do not mind greatly, as he is such an innocent. The theme of the story is how ideals conflict with the demands of society, which Japi resolves by nescio titaantjes committing suicide at the end of the book by stepping from the Nijmegen railway bridgewhen it is no longer possible for him to keep pursuing his ideal of doing absolutely nothing.

(De uitvreter; Titaantjes; Dichtertje; Mene tekel)

Bavink as an unsuccessful painter nescio titaantjes the best at not conforming, while the narrator is slowly seduced by material comforts. Titaantjes[ edit ] Titaantjes little titans was first published in Groot-Nederland. It is a semi-sequel to De uitvreter and again features Koekebakker as narrator, reminiscing about his nescio titaantjes with Bavink, and the newly introduced characters of Hoyer, Bekker, and Kees, when he still had ideals.

The opening sentence is "Boys we were — but nice boys". The story then leaps ahead several years.