Metro [Dmitry Glukhovsky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Metro (Russian: Метро ) is a post-apocalyptic fiction novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. It is set in the Moscow Metro, where the last  Country‎: ‎Russia. Hey Reddit. I am Dmitry Glukhovsky, book author and journalist. I wrote the Metro book trilogy, of which the most recent, 'Metro '.


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Everything about it promised so much!

The setting is the Moscow metro system in the year Above ground, it appears that humanity has been wiped out by nuclear war. The survivors live entirely in the underground tunnel system; stations have evolved into microcosms of the old social and political systems of Russia.

Glukhovsky's primary metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky is with relating the adventures of his 'hero' Artyom, a young man drawn ostensibly by chance into a strange quest to save the metro system.

The structure of metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky quest is aimless and ultimately lacks satisfcatory closure.

Quick Rules:

I struggled to remain engaged with Artyom and indeed metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky fate of the metro system. Fortunately, after, a sect of the Polis Council offers to help Artyom, and send him to the Great Library on the the surface - the very air of which is deadly.

The four head to the surface and get to the metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky with no problems, but metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky go downhill quickly. They disturb several librariansforcing Melnik and his partner, Ten, to stay behind so Artyom and Daniel can progress further through the library.

Daniel is unfortunately killed by a librarian, and Artyom returns to Melnik with one thing; a map, taken from the dead Brahmin's body, to a legendary location named D The task is daunting, to say the least, but Artyom makes his way across the surface, encountering various creatures and hardly making it to the station, only to be rescued at the last second.

It is here that Artyom and Melnik formulate their plan to help VDNKh, by discovering the entrance to D-6 and launching pre-war missiles on the lair of the dark ones. They begin their journey by travelling to Kievskayaa mysterious station where people disappear under mysterious circumstances.

Melnik makes inquiries about a certain Tretyak, and metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky, they go on a patrol with the security commander, Anton.

They discuss several things, namely the strange disappearances of the station's residents, and the conditions of the adjacent station, Park Pobedy.

Metro by Dmitry Glukhovsky book review

The tunnel leading to Park Pobedy was collapsed, and there is no way in or out. Artyom then discovers that Anton was a former member of the RVA. They then return to the station, and meet Tretyak, another "missile man". Metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky Artyom has no passport, Melnik and Tretyak venture to Mayakovskaya to look for an entrance to D After one night, Artyom receives a message from Melnik telling him that Tretyak had been killed metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky that he would be back to the station in a day.


During that time, however, OlegAnton's child, disappears. Anton is devastated, metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky Artyom finds the child's music-maker next to a previously unseen hatch in the tunnel's ceiling, and the duo metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky it to what seems to be Park Pobedy.

They are both knocked unconscious by savage cannibals of the Great Worm Cult and taken hostage. There, they discover that Park Pobedy's residents are alive, but terribly deformed, and completely brainwashed.

Metro 2033 (Novel)

They worship a strange deity, eschew technology and have turned to cannibalism. About to feast on Anton and Artyom, things seem grim, but much to the duo's fortune, Melnik and a team of stalkers enter the station with highly advanced weaponry and ballistic shields.

They rescue Anton, Oleg and Artyom, exit Park Pobedy along with two cannibal hostages a clansman and one of their Metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky Priestsand begin the metro 2033 dmitry glukhovsky part of their journey to D The clansman goes insane when the high priest who lived before the war reveals that the Great Worm is made up, and Melnik is forced to kill him.