PDF | Tertiary volcanics in Karangsambung area consist of plutonic and andesitic basalt, massive basaltic lava, pillow basaltic lava, pyroclastic Majalah Geologi Indonesia, Vol. . through regional stratigraphy explains that. Download Geologi Regional Karangsambung download document. karangsambung. The Luk Ulo-Karangsambung Complex of Central Java; from Subduction to was generally made as part of regional . Jurusan Teknik Geologi UPN Veteran.


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The hills in karangsambung area geologi regional karangsambung Waturanda hill, Sipako hill, Paras mountain, Brujul mountain, Jatibungkus hill, and other.

One of morphology which seems to be in Karangsambung that is Luk Ulo river.

Beneath the scaly clay and clay breccia of Karangsambung area

This Luk Ulo river is including antecedent river, that is river type cutting geologi regional karangsambung geology sewer structures of the district, and is including mature stadium.

Geologi regional karangsambung of maturity of this river seen from meander and river terrace deposit formed on course far from prime river.

Karangsambung Formation Litology Characteristic: Grey until black clay shows scaly structures with incision to all directions and almost flatten on the surface.

Those structures estimated as the result of slumping depositional mechanism that happen under water level with big volume subaquatic gravity gliding.


The estimation is supported by slumping symptoms that is seen at broken and disorder inset of sandstone. Numulithes limestone, conglomerate and sandstone that we found in there geologi regional karangsambung olistolith that besieged in clay.

A fine outcrop is found at the river near Karangsambung Village and Banjarsari. Numulithes limestone, polemic conglomerate and iron concressions is found around field college. Pasanggrahan hills next to college, is big geologi regional karangsambung conglomerate olistolith.

Beneath the scaly clay and clay breccia of Karangsambung area - IOPscience

Globorotalia cerroazulensis and Truncolotarloides topilenses besides Nummulites Javana inside of limestone. Besides that, there is also found Alvegina and Discocyclina sp.

As late Eocene age boundaries, based on Hantkenina alabamensis geologi regional karangsambung inside napal from Karangsambung Formation. In some place that Karangsambung Formation has related with Melange LUH-ULO complex, both of groundmass are contained of clay and black — gray shale, sometimes difficult to get the differentiation.

  • Geologi Regional Karangsambung - [Download DOC]

Especially when the outcrop was moldy. In Melange, usually showed systematic cracked pattern, in pairs, responses from force work. In Melange, geologi regional karangsambung have cleavage structures, while on Karangsambung Formation olistostrom untidy directions.

Totogan Formation Lithology Charateristic: This beds have much same with Karangsambung beds. It is laped over scaly, with brown colour, and sometimes purple squeezing.


Frgamen which contain this rock in mudstone, sandstone, fossiliferous limestone, and igneous rock to.

That fragman have sub-rounded shapes, with slippery surface like haved erotion and size it fragmen between 2 until 20 cm, and more than bigger. To that beds have name muddy breccias.

With geologi regional karangsambung like that, this beds also can called Olisostrome. Age of this beds is Lower-Oligosen or N. Stratigraphy Relation with Karangsambung beds: Stratigraphy relation with Karangsambung beds in bottom of Totogan beds, can be perceived perfectly, but with the existence of spanning time, that is among Geologi regional karangsambung.

Possibility have designating an unconformity. But with Waturanda beds this beds has conformity. Depositional environment from Totogan beds, with have much foraminifera plankton, showed marine condition, deep mwith precipitous geologi regional karangsambung and steep sea floor so enabling that rock-fall has happened in that place, and continued with olisostrome formed.