He explained that freeletics was a bodyweight program based on high intensity, interval training (HIIT) with options to build strength or focus on. Hey guys, planning to start freeletics on Monday next week. I have okay fitness, I play badminton every week and Im not really worried about [Progress] My before and after picture cardio/strength. Hello Dudes, I just started with my second freeletics training guide and I want update you about my latest training. My new guide focusses on.


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Effective training to gain muscle

I am curious how my first workouts will look like. Finally the digital coach has made it into the app. Thats a huge improvement and helps me to keep to my training plan, when I am training outside.

Now I would like to share some of my training experience about sore muscles. No matter what goal you have, a fresh freeletics strength guide balanced nutrition is a must for every athlete.

Our nutrition guide telling you exactly what rules you have to follow will be available soon. We want freeletics strength guide talk straight from the beginning: There are no magical transformations and no shortcuts. On the contrary, physical changes take a lot of time, energy and discipline, sweat and effort.

Experienced athletes can utilize the full power of the training systems in Gym and get a much better overall effect from it. Spice up your gym sessions if you want to with Freeletics Bodyweight.

If you are looking for more variety, we recommend you dedicate a couple of training sessions a week to the Greek Gods. Find out in our other training articles. Your hands may neither touch your legs nor the ground.


Make sure to keep your weight on your heels, your chest up and your back flat. Push your knees out and keep your torso as vertical as possible. Lower your hips as far as you can instead of lowering them all the way down. Handstand pushups start from a handstand leaning on a wall. Your arms freeletics strength guide completely locked out.

You may straighten your legs or keep them bent. Go all the way down freeletics strength guide your head touches the ground. Make sure to keep your core tight.


Perform the exercise from your feet. Keep your hips up high and your torso as vertical as possible. High Jumps start from a freeletics strength guide position.

Your knees, hips and shoulders are in a line. Jump up vertically with both feet and make contact between your knees and shoulders.

Strength guide : freeletics

Pull your knees up as high as you can instead of pulling them all the way to your shoulders. Jackknives start from a lying position. Your heels, legs, butt and shoulders touch the ground. Your hands touch freeletics strength guide ground behind your head.

Freeletics strength guide by john - Issuu

Move your legs and torso up at the same time, touching your feet while your legs are vertical. Your legs have to be straight during the whole freeletics strength guide. Make sure too keep your core tight.