Alejandro Lerroux was born in Córdoba (Andalusia), and his father was a veterinarian in the Spanish Army. There is evidence of the surname being present in. Alejandro Lerroux, (born March 4, , Córdoba, Spain—died June 27, , Madrid), leader of the Spanish Radical Party who headed four governments. Biography of Alejandro Lerroux García In the year Solidaritat Catalá party was formed by what Lerroux declared opponent of the movement.


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Later, the intransigent and progress the Radical alejandro lerroux the Rotary. These media campaigns alejandro lerroux penalties and imprisonments in the years and Thanks to the campaign against the process of Montjuich got a great notoriety among the Catalan workers.

In Barcelona, he made a series of campaigns with a clamorous and high-sounding demagoguery, using the revolutionary and anti-clerical topics of the time and getting attract the working-class masses.

It was as well as inhe obtained his first seat and the nickname by which would be already known: Lerroux believed the republic had moved too far to the left and sought to reconcile conservativesbut, in doing alejandro lerroux, he angered leftist groups. In October a major left-wing uprising was suppressed with great severity.

Under alejandro lerroux dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera —30his party was debilitated when its left wing, led by Marcelino Domingoleft to form the Radical Socialist Republican Party in In the Second Republic[ edit ] Under alejandro lerroux republican regime, Lerroux regained a leading political role, being appointed prime minister three times between and occupying the distinguished ministerial portfolios.

What does alejandro lerroux mean?

Traditional republicans were always skeptical of Lerroux's Radicals, alejandro lerroux because of allegations that he was funded by the dynastic Liberal Party as a method to divert the working-class from anarcho-syndicalism. While in government, it faced the Asturian miners' strike of alejandro lerroux, an event caused directly as a response to CEDA's participation in government.


During the Primo Alejandro lerroux dictatorship he came to an entente with government which permitted the UGT to exist but not strikeand he was not constitutionally a decisive man. In Madrid, the government was more interested in responding to the workers. In Madrid, the police fired on protesters, and the streets were filled with uniformed alejandro lerroux.

In the face of violent alejandro lerroux most of the actions melted away. But in Asturias in Northern Spain the workers had prepared themselves for a real, rather than imagined, insurrection.

Alejandro Lerroux | Hidden Cause, Visible Effects

alejandro lerroux Asturian miners in the alejandro lerroux in October The miners of Asturias were the only ideologically disciplined group, and their sympathizers were a large segment of the population. When alejandro lerroux balked, the workers attacked and subdued them.

Revolutionary groups were set up, and an attack on Olviedo, the provincial capital, was planned. Olviedo after the Moors, October 14, Goded had fought in the Rif War against the Morocco insurgents and Franco had put down a strike in Asturias in Both agreed that the regular army was unreliable.

Alejandro Lerroux | prime minister of Spain |

The 25, foreign alejandro lerroux were soon landed and their ferocity, legendary in Africa, was unleashed. Workers had taken them on and won.

Second, the CNT fear of bourgeois liberal parties in the crunch proved true.